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Oil Painting from Photograph

We can create a CUSTOM oil painting, in almost any size (small vs large will determine shipping costs) as painting comes stretched for framing, or simply hanging. Almost any photo can be painted, and customized by eliminating articles in original photo, working in a logo (would need that also), almost anything you want. Photo's can emailed to to obtain a quote. Please mention size. Would be Portrait, Landscape, or Square. Common sizes (where would be place right in Open Back Frame are 11"x14, 16"x20", 20"x24", 24"x30", 24"x36" and 30"x40" (these all Portrait - reverse if Landscape). Our painting is of Vince Gill, Country Western Icon from Nashville and Arnie Palmer, life long friends. We removed a few obstructions from original photograph, then got Arnie to autograph for Vince.


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  • Vince and Arnie - Custom Oil Painting from Photo

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